OSCASA Constitution

  1. Introduction

    1. The Official South African Casting Association of South Africa (OSCASA) was established 1st September 04.

    2. Mission Statement;

      " OSCASA exists to uphold the highest standards of practice and conduct in the representation and provision of supporting artistes as prescribed by legislation, on camera artistes categories and OSCASA's members. OSCASA will represent the interests of its members, and those of the supporting artistes they represent, to the business community and the general public."

  2. Objectives

    1. To represent, promote and defend the common interests of members to the media production industry, government bodies and the broadcast and print media to the highest ethical and professional standards.

    2. To ensure that members are fully compliant with OSCASA codes of practice and relevant legislation by way of prescribed standards of membership of the Association such that those employing the services of, or having dealings with members, shall have such assurance and safeguard of professional competency, honourable dealing and financial security as to encourage them to deal preferentially with members.

    3. To gather and distribute information to assist members in being fully compliant with legislation.

    4. To liase with producers and/or any such nominated representatives to ensure that members are fully aware of agreed rates of pay for artiste's work.

    5. To ensure that members are informed of issues occurring within the wider film industry which may affect them or the artistes they represent.

    6. To uphold standards of representation for supporting artistes.

    7. Protect the industry from unfair competition by persons or organizations whose businesses cannot be legally classified within the Industry.

  3. Membership

    1. Membership of OSCASA is available to companies or individuals who offer representation services to supporting artistes and facilitate the provision of said artiste's services to producers.

    2. Membership is dependent on an initial signed agreement and continued adherence to the OSCASA Code of Conduct.

    3. Where an applicant Agent/s has substantial affiliations or shared interests with another member Agent/s, the Executive Committee may rule whether an applicant is or is not entitled to join as an independent member Agent, provided only that such rejection is endorsed by a two-thirds majority of the members of the Executive Committee.

    4. The reasons for the rejection of membership may only be disclosed at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

    5. In the event that membership is denied, applicants may reapply at the next Annual General Meeting.

    6. At the discretion of the Executive Committee applying Agents may be asked to disclose other information to prove they meet the requirements for membership. Any information may be confidentially disclosed to an agreed independent third party for verification.

    7. Membership of OSCASA will be revoked if members are proven to the satisfaction of the Executive Committee to have broken the terms of the OSCASA Code of Conduct.

    8. Members may voluntarily cancel membership through the provision of three months notice given in writing to the Executive Committee.

  4. Finance

    1. OSCASA shall be financed solely by member contributions and unconditional donations.

    2. The source of any donations may remain anonymous at the discretion of the donor and the Executive Committee.

    3. Member contributions after 1st September 2005 may be levied on a basis as required to cover costs until a subscription scheme is agreed by a majority vote.

    4. OSCASA funds shall be administered through an OSCASA bank account.

    5. The Secretary will manage the association's accounts.

    6. All expenditure will be authorised by the Secretary and the Chairperson.

    7. The Secretary will publish accounts to the general meeting at his or her discretion, at least once per year.

    8. No expense claims will be accepted from any member, including the Chair and Executive Committee, unless the General Meeting agrees the expenses.

    9. The Chair may appoint a Chartered Accountant to prepare and/or manage the association accounts.

  5. Meetings and Voting

    1. OSCASA general meetings shall be called at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

    2. An Annual General Meeting shall occur at least once per annum.

    3. Any vote at the general meeting will be considered carried if receiving support from at least 30% (thirty percent) of the total OSCASA members.

    4. Members not present will have the right to a proxy or postal vote on any matters not carried by 30% (thirty percent) of all members.

    5. The chairperson must receive postal votes no later than 5 (five) days after distribution of the minutes of the general meeting.

    6. In the event of equality, abstaining members will be offered the chance to change their vote. Should this still result in equality The Chairperson and 2 Executive Committee members shall each have a second, or casting vote.

    7. The Executive Committee may meet at their discretion independently of the general meeting.

  6. Executive Committee

    1. The Chairperson and the Executive Committee shall direct OSCASA 's affairs.

    2. One Chairperson and two Executive Committee members, one of whom will be Vice-Chairperson, shall be elected at a general meeting, such that:

      1. Members wishing to stand for a position must be proposed by at least one other member agent.

      2. No member agent may nominate him/her self, or any of his/her employees.

      3. Each member agent shall have 1 (one) vote.

      4. The normal voting rules above will apply.

    3. The Chairperson and the Executive Committee will serve for a 12 (twelve) month period.

    4. The Chairperson will perform day to day management functions of OSCASA. This will include:

      1. Corresponding with individuals who wish more information on OSCASA.

      2. Investigating allegations of members breaching the Code of Conduct.

      3. Establish and maintain relationships with other organisations.

      4. Reporting regularly to the Executive Committee.

    5. The Executive Committee shall act as the Disciplinary Committee along with a qualified outside representative where required.

    6. The Executive Committee will monitor the operations of the Chair, and must be called upon by the Chair to:

      1. Endorse any communications with the media or general public.

      2. Agree meeting agendas.

      3. Agree any disciplinary actions taken against any member agent.

    7. The Chair may delegate any of her or her roles to a member of the executive committee.

    8. Disagreement between the Chair and Executive Committee shall be settled on a simple majority vote. The Chair must submit the casting vote if there is no clear majority (one member abstains) .

    9. After this period they may continue to serve until the next General Meeting at which elections to the posts must be held.

    10. The Chair and Executive Committee members may resign their post, pursuant to the Secretary or remaining members arranging a General Meeting to replace them.

    11. The Chair or Executive Committee may be dismissed on a "vote of no confidence" proposed by at least 40% (forty percent) of all member agents being carried by a general meeting.

  7. Publicity

    1. Minutes of all General Meetings shall be distributed to all members by the Secretary as soon as is possible after the meeting has taken place.

    2. At the end of his/her tenure the Chairperson will submit a report on ongoing issues to all members.

    3. The Chairperson shall be responsible for publicising OSCASA decisions, policy and actions to appropriate bodies (see Authorities below) and to the media at his or her discretion.

    4. The Executive Committee should agree any press releases or public announcements wherever possible.

  8. Regional Committees and Sub-Committees

    1. The Executive Committee may arrange Regional or Sub-Committees to report to the General Meeting on specific issues.

    2. Any member may propose a Regional or Sub-Committee.

    3. Regional or Sub-Committees may not vote upon issues or make statements to the media or other bodies independently of the General Meeting, unless explicitly authorised by the General Meeting to do so.

  9. Secretary

    1. The Executive Committee shall appoint the Secretary who shall be responsible to it for the administration of the Association and minutes of meetings.

  10. Revision of the Constitution

    1. This constitution may be amended if 80% (eighty percent) of the members of OSCASA vote in favour of amendments.

  11. Affiliate Bodies

    1. OSCASA will remain an affiliate of the following bodies in recognition at their support in creating the association: CPA

    2. Affiliates may address the general meeting by arrangement with the Chair.

  12. Authorities

    1. OSCASA recognises the following bodies as authoritative in their respective fields:

      1. Model Agency Conduct: NAMA

      2. Artiste Employers: CPA , IPO Companies, ACA

    2. The Chairperson will make these bodies aware of OSCASA policy and decisions where it is felt appropriate to do so by the Executive Committee.

  13. Other Industry Trade Associations (Associates of OSCASA)

    1. OSCASA will offer association to the following bodies:

      1. The Personal Managers Association (PMA)

      2. National Association of Modelling Agencies (NAMA)

      3. Cape Film Commission

    2. The Chairperson will make these bodies aware of OSCASA policy and decisions where it is felt appropriate to do so by the Executive Committee.

    3. Associates may send representatives to OSCASA meetings, request items on the agenda or address the general meeting by arrangement with the Chairperson.

    4. The Chairperson will consider requests from associates for cooperative action or issuing of joint statements.


    1. The Association may be dissolved by a special resolution passed at an Annual General Meeting or Urgent Meeting. The special resolution shall be passed by not less than three quarters of all members present and voting at such meetings.


THUS  DONE and  SIGNED  at  Cape Town on  this               day of                ,  the  Constitution  having been duly adopted, ratified  and confirmed  at  a general  meeting  of the  Association  held on the aforesaid  date.


SIGNED:                                                                          SIGNED:

CHAIRMAN:                                                                      COMMITTEE  MEMBER:

Agency Application Form Check List

Completing our online OSCASA Agency Application requires the following documents to be attached;

  • Proof of Agency Annual Subscription payment - R595.00 

    Nedbank - Parklands - Savings Account A/C 2207 017 869 Bank Code 198765 Proof of payment is required with the Application Form

  • Signed copy of Constitution, Terms & Conditions and Codes of Conduct
  • ID copies of Member/Partners 1,2 & 3
  • Company Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Proof of Physical Address (not older than 3 months)
  • Confirmation of Bank Account (Letter from bank stamped and not older than 3 months)

Having these scanned and ready will expedite your Application process.

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